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Robb Report Award Given to Engel & Völkers, Two Years in a Row

robb report

For the second consecutive year,
Engel & Völkers has won the 2018 Robb Report Award for the
Best Real Estate Agency. 



  On October 16th, the prestigious magazine, Robb Report, one of the leaders in the field of luxury, celebrated its Best of the Best awards ceremony. Just like the previous year, Engel & Völkers, the leading real estate agency in the high 'standing' sector at European and global level, has won the 'Best Real Estate agency' award in 2018. Undoubtedly, this is one of the the most important awards that an agency of this type can receive. 

Everything that the Best of the Best of Robb Report stands for 
The jury responsible for choosing the winner of the Best of the Best award from Robb Report defines it as an award focused on giving recognition to the best companies based on the quality of their services. In fact, during the gala, those responsible for the publication of this popular magazine within the Spanish territory defined the values that govern the work of Engel & Völkers as a constant search for improving the living standards of its customers. 

Many well-known personalities participated in the awards ceremony. In addition, it must be said that Robb Report not only awards the best real estate agency of the year, but also the best companies in the perfumery, watchmaking, fashion, jewellery and oenology sectors. A total of 14 categories comprise the award. Honours are also distributed to the most important technological advances of the year and to the best tourist destinations. 

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robb 2 robb 3

The representation of Engel & Völkers in the awards ceremony 
The Best of the Best awards ceremony took place at the prestigious Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid. The representation of Engel & Völkers was attended by the director of International Marketing of the company, Silke Dittrich and the CEO of Engel & Völkers in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, Juan Galo Macià. In fact, the latter had the honour of collecting the award. 

During the speech by Juan Galo Macià there was no lack of gratitude to his team of agents and other colleagues from Engel & Völkers. In fact, he did not hesitate to say that, without them, it would have been impossible for the company to receive such a prestigious award. 

An unmissable event year after year 
Robb Report has made its Best of the Best awards become prestigious in various sectors. In fact, the delivery gala is an important date on the calendar for lovers of what they themselves define as 'the good life'. But, in addition, it is also just as important for many of the top companies in Spain. In fact, the relationship between this magazine and Forbes is very close. 

All this emphasises even more the complexity involved in obtaining such an award, so the merit of having achieved this award on two consecutive occasions means a lot to Engel & Völkers.

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Engel & Völkers Vancouver Dressed for Success Fundraising

Engel & Völkers Vancouver raising awareness for Dressed for Success Fundraising Opportunity, to help someone in need.

engel  volkers vancouver dressed for success fundraising

The next step to your own personal paradise: buying a home by the sea

Are you someone who likes to escape the stress of everyday life from time to time and prefers to always travel to the same holiday destination? Then maybe it is time to invest in your own property at your destination of choice. A second home abroad guarantees a relaxed holiday atmosphere and allows you to get to know your favourite holiday region from the inside out. Due to the increasing demand for real estate in the Mediterranean region, a second home is more than merely a comfortable holiday domicile at your preferred holiday destination – often it can also generate attractive financial returns.

Whatever your motives are for wanting a second home, choosing the right home and getting professional advice will ensure that you will never regret purchasing a second home abroad.

In our brochure “Your Private Piece of Summer” we have put together an exclusive selection of attractive properties from the Mediterranean region to help you with your personal property search. If you would like to get an idea of the diverse range of properties available in the Mediterranean region, we invite you to read our article “The Fascination of a Home by the Sea”.

How you too can benefit from a home by the sea

Apart from how a home by the sea can benefit you personally, renting out your property also has great income potential. A welcome side effect: Searching for a property for renting out is not any more difficult than searching for a property for only yourself. After all, potential tenants will be looking for more or less the same in a holiday home as you: a well maintained outdoor area, an appealing interior and proximity to popular tourist attractions will make your property attractive for future tenants.

Especially when searching for a perfect second home, the location is absolutely decisive. Properties in direct proximity to the sea generally boast a special atmosphere, magnificent panoramic views and idyllic surroundings.

A private oasis in the heart of Catalonia
1 home sea engel voelkers w 027mgj

Situated in one of the most sought after residential areas in Tossa Mar, this property offers magnificent panoramic views of the Costa Brava and the surrounding mountainscape. It offers a wide variety of amenities such as a luxurious interior and a spacious outdoor area, ensuring many delightful moments in an idyllic atmosphere. Turn this location into your own private retreat.

Unrivaled panoramic sea views
2 home sea engel voelkers w 01g1y46

This apartment is situated in the exclusive residential area of La Californie in Cannes and offers everything you need for stylish living of the highest quality. The large terrace opens up magnificent panoramic views of the French Riviera coastline.

How to make your dreams of a seaside home come true

Are you thinking of buying an investment property or dreaming of a home by the sea?

Drawing on almost 40 years of experience in the luxury real estate sector, Engel & Völkers and its global network is your partner of choice when it comes to finding you a new home. Many more attractive properties can be found in our article Your Private Piece of Summer – Southern Europe 2017, where we present our entire spectrum of luxury properties in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Malta and Turkey.

If you have any questions regarding our brochure or want to arrange a personal consultation, we recommend using the contact form of your local Engel & Völkers shop to contact one of our knowledgeable real estate consultants.

Posted by Engel & Völkers Team Digital on April 28, 2017.

The world’s tallest mass-timber high-rise is currently going up in Vancouver, Canada

An Italian magazine recently asked me whether I could name an object I virtually never put down. The answer wasn’t difficult: my smartphone. Like most people, I don’t just use it christian volkers a to make and receive calls. I send emails, check the news or use an app to call a cab. My smartphone has become indispensible. Just like my laptop, which allows me to work when I am traveling on business. It is quite astonishing how modern technology has taken over our private and professional lives. This is also true in the world of real estate. These days, there is hardly a penthouse or modern residence that has not been fitted with a smart home system allowing you to easily, and remotely, control the heating, lights, blinds and other features via your smartphone or tablet computer. Smart home systems also link up individual devices and make living more sustainable. Energy efficiency is important for many of our clients. Architects around the globe are increasingly banking on sustainable construction methods and materials such as wood. The world’s tallest mass-timber high-rise is currently going up in Vancouver, Canada. A sustainable approach to real estate is all the more important in light of the growing global population, especially in large urban centers, where we face the challenge of satisfying the strong demand for properties without cutting back on convenience or modern amenities. Micro-apartments represent a possible solution. Here, private amenity space is scaled back to the essentials, while non-quotidian activities are transferred to communal areas. So, the trend towards the sharing economy is now making itself felt in real estate, and singles and commuters have increasingly been discovering micro-apartments. When designing micro-apartment buildings, the needs of future occupants must be taken into account, as they can be as discerning as the residents of regular apartments. But no matter how you intend to live in the near future, the properties on the following pages are sure to inspire you. Click Here to read more...

Christian Völkers

Our GG magazine has always been synonymous with fresh, new perspectives

I travel a lot – both for business and leisure. On my travels I continue to experience new things and keep meeting extremely interesting people. I find it especially exciting to come christian volkers across individuals who are shaking things up with their ideas. I have always thought it a great privilege to be able to ask questions of these personalities and then to listen carefully to their replies. This is because these exchanges have frequently inspired me both professionally and on a personal level. I feel a sense of achievement when people provide me with new impulses, which then enable me to take entrepreneurial steps that further develop Engel & Völkers as a company. I do not believe, however, that coincidence plays a part in this process. It is my conviction that you have to operate in an organized fashion in order to attain your goals. I have, for example, never tried to be the number one salesman. Instead, it has always been important to me to provide a more comprehensive service than others. I enjoy my work enormously, even though it can be quite challenging at times. But, I have always been an entrepreneur and live by the motto “work hard and play hard.” I recharge my batteries by playing polo – a hobby that I pursue with great passion. Interestingly, there are a lot of parallels between this sport and the demands of my everyday professional life. Just like on the polo field, speed, perfect teamwork, precision, reliability and being proactive are essential in business. I have recognized many of these qualities in those who have given me invaluable food for thought over the decades. As our GG magazine has always been synonymous with fresh, new perspectives, too, this current addition is devoted to men who make the world go round. Attractive perspectives are also provided by a selection of the most beautiful real estate from around the world, which we have, once again, put together for you on the following pages. Click Here to read more...

Christian Völkers


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